These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

Literally, for the entire book, I almost gave a fuck, but almost doesn’t count. And now I'll never get those hours of my life back.

Look. I get it, alright. I get why some of you are all “zomg” and swooning and shit, because wuv and kisses, but let’s get really real. The romance in this book is just your typical, generic YA romance. Sans the insta-love, thankfully, but still typical and, ultimately, corny.

MC’s meet and are instantly attracted to one another, punctuated with some light flirting. Girl realizes that it’s in boy’s best interest to stay away from her, because DANGER, so girl starts acting like THE ONLY TWAT towards boy, thereby causing misunderstandings and confusion for the sake of conflict. This chick, Lilac, would tell herself that she needed to say something nice and then she’d say something not nice and be surprised at herself. How stupid are you?! It was so tedious to read her talking down to him over and over. I like my heroines tough and real. Keep it real. This “pretending” bullshit, because you don’t have the balls to just say, “Sorry, we can’t be more than friends” is CORNY. That you’d rather choose to disrespect someone who is nice to you and is doing everything in his power to keep you safe for weeks instead of just uttering one honest sentence is CORNY. I don’t respect that in a heroine. 

I don’t care that she (as expected) became nicer and started redeeming herself later on, because her incessant twattery went on for a long-ass time. Look at my status updates. It was well into the 70th percentile before they (both) finally started getting it together. Before they finally stopped thinking things like “I know he said this, but he surely means that” or “She’s doing that, but it’s probably just because of this”. So annoying. You can only do that so many times, before I become murderous towards your characters.

So, yeah. 70+% of that crap.

And then that stopped and fucking wuv blossomed. From then on, it was “My Lilac” this and “My Lilac” that. Tarver was singing purple love praises like it was nobody’s business. I just couldn’t swallow it by then. Lilac treated you like crap for the majority of the time, but then she was nice for a little bit, so wuv. Whatever. I’m not letting her off that easily.

Why did I finish this, you ask? Because I thought that at any moment, it was going to get really good. It didn’t, though. It was okay, I guess. I was engrossed in what was happening to them for some time, but their behavior, Lilac’s anyway, would pull me right out of it seemingly constantly. It dragged, too, because too much emphasis was put on their relationship. Enough that the world-building and plot suffered, in my opinion. There was only a bit of actual spaceship travel towards the beginning and then never again. It was exciting that they landed somewhere so mysterious, but that only lasted so long, because, again, anytime something interesting would happen, Lilac and her twattery would rear their heads. Some of it was also nonsensical and unnecessary me thinks. I skimmed/skipped an entire (weird) chapter and it made no difference in the end.

Some folks are saying that this is “so original and stuff”, but I beg to differ. I dunno, but there were a few things that screamed of other books/series to me. Maybe it’s just me, but him calling her Miss Laroux and she calling him Major for the majority of the book, reminded me of Fever.

Them crash-landing on a weird terraformed planet reminded me of Sirantha Jax (there's some real space opera for you). You know. The one with the crashing and the planet and the lizards and stuff ? There was even a moment when Lilac said some mantra to herself about getting tough and having had enough and she ended it with “I am Lilac Laroux.” That so screamed Jax, that I stopped reading and just stared at it for a minute.. My Jax fans know what I mean.


The whole, mysterious planet and weird happenings thing also screamed Lost to me. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors with an, unsurprisingly, unsatisfying end. A whole lot of build up with little payoff. =/


I could be reading too much into these similarities, but that’s how I felt and I keeps it real.


Lastly, for a space opera, this book sure lacked SPACE. Let's face it. This is a typical YA romance that happens on another (boring) planet.

Do I recommend this book? Mehrp. Yes and no. Clearly, some people are loving it. They must not be crotchety, ornery, overly-critical readers like me. I guess it wasn’t horrible and a lot of what happens to them is interesting at times, but brace yourself for very immature behavior and juvenile relationship problems. If you can stomach that shit, go for it.