The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Oy.So, I’ve now read book 1, short story (1.5), and book 2. It’s gone from good to okay to bad. There’s so much potential for greatness here. This series has added an interesting new aspect to the fairy genre, but the failure is in the execution.I’m kinda shocked at how highly rated this book is. While the main storyline of the series is interesting, there were some serious fails in this installment. I wouldn’t say it was a cliffhanger ending, but there was a lot of buildup at the end of the 1st book leading to an imminent encounter, but when it actually happened at the beginning of this book? It was exceptionally unremarkable. Mab is so evil, that she sequesters Meghan and then provides her with free room and board in addition to complete freedom to roam her castle and grounds? Wow. Mab is a badass.. O_o Total letdown.Meghan has become dumber and dumber as the series progresses. She completely lacks logic. Her thought processes are absolutely painful to read. Case in point – her reaction to Ash’s cold stare the first time she sees him after having been brought to Mab’s court.For her to think, for even an instant, that Ash didn’t recognize her… how is this possible, Meg? You’ve been sucking face for at least a month now. You’re halfway to having his babycicles, if you have any say in it, and you think he wouldn’t recognize you? Well, let’s look at this logically:- Have centuries gone by since you’ve last seen the prince? No? Interesting.- Have you changed your physical form? No? Okay.- Are you in disguise? No? Alright.- Are you battered or bruised, so as to be deformed facially? Not at all? Hmmpf.Yes, then it’s perfectly logical for you to conclude that he doesn’t recognize you, you useless lump!!It’s such a typical romance. So annoying at this point, that I very nearly put the book down many times. Here’s how this type of love progresses after the initial wrongdoing:1. Have girl go on and on about how it must have all been a farce, how boy never cared for her, how he tricked her – c’mon authors! Give us something new to work with. This same old, same old is getting super lame.2. Ensue buttload of pointless tears (From girl. Always from girl. Boy can never, ever shed more than ONE heart wrenching tear at a time.)3. Have girl sob into pillow.4. Have boy make amends.5. Have girl rejoice that boy really does wuv her, but still have remaining doubts, so that she may bring them up later at the most inopportune time.There's more, but I tire even of just typing the formula.Sigh.Also, wtf was up with Leanansidhe? Geez louise. I had to skim through most of that shopping and makeover nonsense. I kept looking at the book with my head cocked like my dog does when I make a funny sound. Color me confused as to how that entire episode added to the storyline.Lastly, a dance? A high school dance? A conveniently placed, out of the blue, high school dance to heal a centuries old fairy prince?! How?. What?. (I dies.)Okay, I know this review is all over the place, but whatevs. I had too many things going on in my brain about this one.To finish this circus off, guess what. I’m reading the next one. HAHA. Yah, I really am. Ya know why? Cuz I am a masochist of the worst kind and also, this book managed to end on an interesting note. Now I must sate my curiosity, despite my wariness. Also, everyone says they get better. Hmmpf.