The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa *Spoiler-free.My reviews of Iron Fey books 1 and 2 were all over the place. This time around, I decided to take notes in the event that I forgot things when review time came around. I now have a list a mile long. Sigh. Here goes. While this book was marginally better than its predecessors, there is still a whole lot of silly goings ons. I am unable to fully immerse myself into these stories and it's so unbelievably frustrating. I want to immerse myself. I want to believe. Is that not the purpose of reading fiction and fantasy? Alas, it eludes me with this series.When I read other reviews, I'm astounded. There are a slew of 5 star reviews. How can so many people see this as a 5 star book? Is it that I'm special and I hold books to a higher standard? Nah. I conclude that people love to love books and often ignore glaring discrepancies. People also love to click that 5th star. Anywho, on to the gripe fest.. This is likely to be long. - The "Sudden & Misplaced Rage Syndrome." Meghan does it again. That misplaced RAGE at slights that she takes not a moment to try and understand. Coupled with the displacement of supposedly adored people in her life. "You did what?! I instantly hate you and can't believe that everything we've ever shared has been a farce! I don't care if you die right now!" (NOT a direct quote in the slightest.) Dang, girl. Take it easy. I get that Puck asking Leanansidhe to take her dad away was hurtful and that him not telling her was also hurtful, but he didn't have a choice. She was a child and, as mentioned throughout this series, was never intended to know anything about fairies. How could he have told her? So, while it's normal to have anger for what she's lost, it is not normal to INSTANTLY feel rage and decide that Puck has only been pretending to be her best friend for practically HER ENTIRE LIFE. Really, Meghan? This negates YEARS of servitude and friendship in an instant? You can't, at the very least, be bothered to discuss the circumstances surrounding his actions before making a rash decision to instantly hate YOUR BEST FRIEND AND PROTECTOR? Then, you suck. - "The Way Meghan Perceives Grim." Constantly. Constantly! We are bashed over the head with how selfish and cunning this cat is. How he'd take advantage of anyone and everyone to get ahead. Constantly. Even still in book 3. Wtf. Let's really look at Meghan's history with Grim. In the very beginning, Grim did coerce her into making a self-serving deal. He wanted a favor owed from the Summer King. True that. What has he done since? Nothing but help her and save her ass countless times without asking anything in return!!! He has even used favors owed to him by other fairies to help her!!! And still Meghan is constantly going on about how selfish and sneaky the cat is and how he'd sell anyone out. Shut the fuck up, Meghan! You ungrateful twit!- Direct quote: "On the second day, we reached the edge of a vast desert, a sea of sand dunes, rising and falling with the wind. I’d never seen the ocean, but I imagined it must be something like this, only with water instead of sand..."Wait. So, the desert is just like an ocean, but devoid of water? In other words, not like an ocean at all, but more like a DESERT. So, essentially, you're saying that the DESERT is like a DESERT. Sigh. Am I the only one bothered by nonsense like this? Yah. I nitpick. - Ariella. How many times are you gonna bring this ghost up, Ash? I swear, if my boyfriend compared me to Ariella even 1/4 as many times as Ash does Meghan, I'd scratch his eyes out. Stfu, Ash! This is an A & B relationship, so Ariella, C ya!- "Ash's prophecy." (Big frikkin eye roll.) How convenient. How contrived. How lame is this Winter Prince that the worst that he's done is make a human girl fall in love with him and then dumped her? What a fuckin cop-out. He's supposed to be a badass and this is the best Kagawa could come up with? He inadvertently killed a girl by way of broken heart... and he didn't even care. Wow. He's almost as scary and his useless mother. (I griped about her in my review of Iron Daughter. ) What the hell happened to Ash? Since when is he such a lame-o?- The "Aura Twining"... (Even bigger eye roll.) I know this is kind of a moot point as this happens in countless PNR novels, but if Ash was a 48 yr old fairy instead of a centuries old fairy, would you still see it as a-ok for him to twine his 48 yr old aura with Meghan's 16 yr old aura? Would you still think their relationship was swoon-worthy? Me neither. Ick. - I'm all for progression and shit, but Meghan being the 16 yr old equivalent of Braveheart after a few weeks of training? (Biggest eye roll yet.)- "The Scooby Doo Villain Reveal" was especially stupid. How could she not have known? I read the whole book knowing who the villain would be, but her whole, "You?!" How could I not have realized it'd be YOU?!" bit was supremely Scooby Doo. - The "I Suddenly Realized Syndrome". You mean, you've been fighting logic throughout this entire story and in the last few pages, you suddenly realize everything you need to know/remember/do and we are to revere you for your wisdom and growth? (Eyes roll out of face.)- "2 Pucks 1 Tertius." While Ash fights Rowan and Meghan sacrifices her intestines for the benefit of the Nevernever, 2 Pucks hold 1 Tertius down and slay him. Why the fuck doesn't Puck ALWAYS do this? Seems like a no-brainer to me.- "I'm Dying. Let's Talk About It." At length. Meghan is dying. She's DYING. Get a move on and quit discussing nonsense! If she says move, then move! And don't get me started on Puck's ridiculous farewell.. (eyes roll.. on floor.)I know. It's a lot of griping, but I can't not see these things. That's why I don't understand the slew of 5 star ratings. Because I've torn this book a new asshole, allow me to touch upon a couple of positives, though I'm unsure of their significance in light of the next book being Ash's POV:- Meghan is stronger than ever before. She's trying to come into her own and I'm glad for that. She's just not there yet for me and as this was the last book in her POV, I really needed to see that. - The introduction of new memorable characters. I was happy to see new, interesting characters introduced, but I'm concerned they won't be prominent in Ash's book. - I liked where Meghan's story ended and despite my gripes, I liked the direction she was heading. I thought she ended strongly. - I give credit where it's due -  Kagawa's world-building is, as always, strong. She definitely creates very interesting side characters. It's only her MC's that are lackluster to me.  - That's it. I'm gonna go read Summer's Crossing now and keep my fingers crossed for The Iron Knight. I'm too far in now to give up. All I can do is hope for the best and brace for the worst, as it's obvious I cannot go by the reviews for this series.. =/