The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa I'm so glad I stuck with this series, if only to read The Iron Knight. It was awesome. Had I not been so busy these last couple of days, I wouldn't have put it down as often as I had to. This book was full of adventure, emotions, and danger. It was incredibly imaginative and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I found myself rushing to see what happened next. Unlike the previous novels, I was able to fully immerse myself in this one. I thought Kagawa came up with some amazing places/ideas, etc. It's hard to describe without giving too much away. I also felt a deep connection with Ash that I never experienced with Meghan. I'm not surprised that I enjoyed this book more than the others, as I could barely stand her. She did and said way too many stupid things and truthfully, I didn't miss her at all. Ash's POV was a breath of fresh air. There were only a couple of negatives for me, making this a 4, rather than 5 star book:- Puck and his "Ice-boy". How many times can he preface a comment to Ash with Ice-boy?! It was incredibly annoying and distracting. I dunno about you, but I don't walk around saying Linda, how are you doing? Did you get that new car, Linda? Linda, does it run well? What color is it, Linda? See? It's not normal to address someone by their name or nickname every time you speak to them. That was weird. Puck is just annoying though. All around and all the time. I had trouble liking him, except for the very few genuine moments of his where he dulled his nonsense. - I could have done without a rehash of the come-about of Ash's prophecy. I thought it was contrived in the last book, but when played out, it was even worse. Waste of time and silly, if you ask me.  I will concede that his other depicted acts were far more atrocious and more in line as to what I believe a Winter Prince to inherently be - evil. I appreciated that Kagawa didn't cop out with these memories and they were hard to read, as well they should be. They were acts to be regretted. That wraps it up for the negatives and if you've read my reviews of the other books, you know that's a record low for me for this series. One thing I had hoped would happen was that Puck and Ariella would hook up. I thought for sure that it would happen and that Puck wouldn't end up alone, but Kagawa surprised me there as well. I'm okay with it though. Endings don't need to be wrapped up neatly. I appreciate a little reality mixed in with my fantasy and reality dictates that things don't always go as expected and don't always fall into place.  I really enjoyed this book and I applaud Kagawa for ending the series brilliantly. I'm often disappointed by the endings other authors provide, so it was a treat to read the last word with a smile and a sense of satisfaction. Glad I stuck with it.