The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins BLOWN away. My BFF kept hounding me and hounding me to read this and I kept stowing it away on my to-read list, but finally I dove in and I was blown away. What a book. Full of angst, it moved me to tears by the end of the first chapter. It's emotionally exhausting, but so frikkin entertaining. I was hooked immediately and to the very last word. The decisions the main character is faced with, her actions, the predicaments - I can't go into it, so as not to spoil it, but needless to say, I loved it. There was a very fine line of love and hate with the heroine of this story, but that only served to get me more emotionally hooked.I laughed, I cried (out of emotion and in outrage). It moved me in ways I can't really express (I just refuse to spoil plots!!). When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. Definitely my fave read of the year. 3/23/12Re-read as refresher for movie and it's just as good the second time around.