Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  - Jim  Dale, J.K. Rowling WTF happened? I don't frikkin get it. Everyone said book #4 was when the series got really good. I happened to like the first 3 books very much, so I figured that this installment would blow me away. Not so. First, I was bored as hell throughout the first 12 chapters of nonsense, while waiting for Harry to finally get to Hogwarts. If I never read another word about frikkin Quidditch, it'll be too soon. Nobody gives a shit about the tedious World Cup tournament. The whole thing just dragged on and on. I wanted to tear my hair out. Midway, things seemingly got on track for a bit and I started enjoying the story a bit, but every chapter was hit-or-miss. There was no knowing what to expect. The Tri-wizard Tournament was okay, I guess, but it didn't last long enough to satisfy me and was sporadic, as it took place at 3 different times.The last few chapters of this super-long book blew. Just completely blew. I'm starting to see a pattern here. I can pretty much expect these books to end with at least one chapter of the villain/villains confessing to all the crap they did. It was insipidly boring and torturous to listen to. It was paragraph after paragraph of "First, I did this and then I did that. Then, I cunningly did this, while plotting to do that. You couldn't possibly have guessed that I'd also do this, but I did - right after getting away with that...” What the fuck ever! STFU! I'd lose my concentration and go over my grocery list in my head. Blah. There's no originality here. I'm finally seeing how formulaic this all is. I was willing to overlook this in the first 3 books, because they were charming and I found the characters to be endearing, but now all the characters are assholes. Ron became a complete jerk, which is a shame, because he was funny and fun before. Hermione has always been slightly annoying, but in this book, she took it to new heights. Harry is also pissing me off. He's such a little Harry Sue. -_- Hope he grows his little ass up soon. Or dies. I guess that's just wishful thinking, though, because everybody and their mother would cut their left arm off to save his “special” ass. I really hope the next book is strong, because I would like to finish the series. I loved the movies, but I can't sit still and listen to this nonsense much longer. This series is officially on probation.