Bayou Moon (Edge Series #2)

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews ****FEAR NOT. NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW**** I really enjoyed On The Edge, but Bayou Moon blew it out of the water. This series is just - different. Yes, there is some romance (more classic-type in Book 1), but it's more than that due to the non-stop ass-kicking, the myriad of interesting characters with weird abilities, and all the cool, backwoods magic. The main characters are fantastic and fleshy. You root for them and if you're a sap like me, you cry for them, too. The male lead breaks my heart with his inner turmoil and angst. The female lead is kick-ass, humble, kind, and noble. Together they make me laugh and laugh with their witty banter, but what can you expect? The authors, husband and wife team Ilona Andrews, are notorious for their ability to make even the darkest story insanely funny. If you weren't too keen on the first book in the series and are debating whether to read this installment - DO IT! It's better and less "romance-y". =D