Plague Town

Plague Town - Dana Fredsti **No spoilers.This is a surprisingly good zomb book. I say surprisingly, because, as much as I may love them, a lot of zomb books are notoriously crappy. For me, what makes a good one is hardcore zomb action, mounting suspense/dread, a sense of poignancy/emotionality, and engaging characters. Plague Town is 3 for 4.There was definitely a lot of hardcore zombie action in this one and the dread/suspense was also on point. More than one "Oh, shit" was uttered from my lips while reading this one. I especially love when a zomb book opens with a strong scene. There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait until 20% - 30% for a little flesh-eating action. I'm in it for the gore and the thrills, so give them to me early, dammit. Fredsti certainly did. The book opened with a bang and really set the tone. She has a very descriptive style that gave me the shivers. It was really easy to see the zombs in my mind and look them in their milky, runny eyes. Her zombs are creepy and I like it. Additionally, we don’t just get the perspective of looking at her zombies as a victim would, we sporadically get the POV of zombies – and that, I love. Numerous scenes were strewn about, following specific zombs and they were very well-written. The scenes also managed to give a little insight here and there to info that the book’s characters weren’t privy to. Very nicely done.Ashley, the MC, was my kind of gal. She was really funny and witty, but she had a short fuse and big balls. She didn’t let anyone disrespect her or run her over. No meekness or weakness and a comeback always at the ready - my kind of gal. I found myself laughing out loud throughout. I will say that by the last ⅓ or maybe ¼ of the book, some of the jokes were wearing slightly thin. It didn’t deteriorate enough to make me like the book any less, though. To me, Ashley was actually funny and not super-corny like some other MC’s I’ve read. cough**CharleyDavidson**coughThere was romance, because, nowadays, there’s always romance. Thankfully, there was no insta-love/lust and after a couple of bumps in the beginning of the book, the love interest turned out to be a decent dude and not a douchebag.The one place where I thought this book lacked was the emotionality. I had a hard time digging up any sympathy for a few different characters and their circumstances. Still, this was definitely a good book and totally worth the read. Its sequel, [b:Plague Nation|15798786|Plague Nation|Dana Fredsti||21521729], is now out, too. So, yay.For more of my reviews, visit my blog: