MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - If I’d learned one thing in all of this, it was that fighting the reality of my capabilities did me no good. It was better to just accept them. They made things easier. Uh, duh. It took you 99% of the book to figure that out? That’s unfortunate. Another book with an awesome premise and poor execution. This isn’t to say that this was bad, because it wasn’t. Neither, though, was this great. And it could have been great. It should have been great, because it had all the makings of greatness. The thing about books that are just okay when they could have been great is that they frustrate you and ultimately leave you full of resentment. Mila 2.0, ladies and gents. When I hear the word android, I get a little giddy. The possibilities with an android as a character are endless. My imagination runs wild. The reality, though, at least in this book, was much less exciting. It all started off great. The first half of the book was pretty awesome, minus a quick stint in a typical high school. Once we move past that and Mila starts learning who she really is, the story picks up tremendously. There’s a sense of urgency and danger that’s intoxicating. You don’t know what’s coming and that’s exciting. You don’t know who the bad guys are or what they’re capable of and that’s really scary. Especially, when Mila’s mom builds the villains up to be merciless. More than once, she tells Mila that she couldn’t even imagine the horrible things that they’d do to her. Your heart is racing, you’re full of anticipation wondering just how bad this person or people can actually be. Then we finally meet the villain and: A series of outlandish and nonsensical events follow and the pace of the book drops tremendously in the middle. Please, let’s go back to the chasing! Ugh. Eventually, the pace picks up again, but that lull got very tedious. Let’s talk characters. Not a one left a lasting impression. Not even Mila. In looking back, there were was a little Mary Sue’ing going on. Not a blatant amount, but just enough to make you scrunch up your face a little. Additionally, she kept fighting her abilities. Even the cool ones. Her android body would start a process that could only benefit her situation and she’d say “NO” and stop it. WTF, Mila? Can we get a little hot android action? Get with the program! At 99% of the book, she finally accepted that her abilities might be somewhat helpful. 99%!As for all the other characters, there was little to no development. Even with one particular character that was a fixture from beginning to end, I felt no attachment. I didn’t care or react to anything that happened to them. Not even the things that were supposed to be wildly traumatic. I was completely detached. It was like watching a film that was pretty good, but never fully caught your attention. Lastly, I want to talk about romance or the lack thereof. I’m a-okay with little to no romance in my books. I can totally get down with that if the alternative is a corny love triangle/insta-love/dysfunctional relationship. Thing is, authors nowadays seem hell-bent on sticking romance in anywhere possible. Even though this book is far from heavy on the romance, Mila spent the entire book thinking about some stupid boy that she and you as a reader barely knew. Just weirdly longing for that which she didn’t even have. I think they had one date. It was so frikkin annoying. She’d be in the middle of a heart-pounding action scene and then BLAM – I wonder what so & so is doing. Will I ever see so & so again? I remember that one time so & so and I hung out. He was so dreamy… STFU. If you’re not going to write a character into your storyline, don’t spend the whole book trying to make them a priority for the reader. That’s not going to endear anyone to that stranger. Writing them in and developing their characteristics, those are the things that’ll endear them to a reader. Like I said, this book isn’t bad exactly. I tend to drop books quickly when they’re not working for me, but I never felt inclined to do so with this one. That’s gotta count for something. I will say that I was ready for it to end when it finally did. It was definitely starting to wear on me. The premise is awesome, though. It was just the failure to execute the awesomeness that turned me off. It could have been so much more.I’m going to read the next one, but I’m not waiting with bated breath for it. It’ll come when it comes. Despite what the synopsis says, the.................................. “cliffhanger” ..................................isn’t very cliffhanger-y. It’s just an end with some loose threads. Nothing to lose sleep over.For more of my reviews, visit my blog: