Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4)

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Way to SHIT on your fans, Mead - AGAIN.***No spoilers in the first half of this review - promise. Spoilers will be clearly marked in advance and I don't rehash plots. That's what reading's for.I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I guess I can just channel my Vampire Academy ending review and practically "insert here". I forgave Mead for the shitty VA ending, because I sooo loved the series and because there was the promise of the spinoff (don't get me started on that crap), but that is not the case in this series. This was really the last book and instead of finishing with a smile, I am bewildered and frikkin' PISSED. I mean, I'm really angry. To be fair, I actually LOVED this book. Most of it, anyway. I was sucked in from page 1 and I was brought right back to the early Eugenie days. I didn't mind the plotline that was not part of the bigger picture. It was interesting and fun to read and again, reminiscent of early Eugenie. I even liked the twists near the end. I saw only one of them coming and while I would have liked for them to come closer to the middle of the book, I won't complain about that. It didn't detract from how much I thoroughly enjoyed the first 90% of this book. That's the only reason it got 3 stars from me. So... why did I finish this book with a resounding "OH, HELL NO"? Because at the very end, Mead decided, for whatever misguided reason, to have Eugenie make the worst and most heartless decision to date. Really, Mead? REALLY?! Look, I respect the fact that an author has the right to write whatever they want, however they want, but who the fuck are you writing for, Mead? Are you writing for yourself or for your fans? Yah, FANS. Remember us? We're the ones who take time to acquire your book and put money into your pocket. We're the ones who give you that bacon that you take home. We're the ones who wait with bated breath for your next installment. How dare you entice us with these emotional rollercoasters of stories and then whack us in the face at the very end? I recommend you to everyone I know - even after the crappy VA ending, but no more. You write for YOU. I don't need things to wrap up neatly or be ideal all the time, but damn, this ending was cold. Poor Dorian. Poor sweet, funny, charming, Dorian to fall for a cold, lifeless, wishy-washy, STUPID leach like Eugenie. I have stuck with this series even after the 3rd book which was horrible and in which Eugenie made idiotic choices. I was excited for this one.How are Eugenie's hands always tied? "Oh, I can't kill Kiyo here in public with a lightning bolt, because it could hurt other people." True, but you COULD suck the fluids outta his body and drop him like a sack of potatoes even if you're waaaay over there pretending to window-shop. Dumbass. How are you just gonna let everything slide, Eugenie? Are you such a useless doormat that you will allow Maiwenn to continue being a threat to you and yours? March your butt over to the Willow Land and storm that BITCH to pieces. Enough of the nonsense. We wanted some closure, Mead. A little satisfacton, but instead Maiwenn and her trusty fox waltz on outta there and live to thwart Eugenie and Dorian another day. And they will. They apparently always will. Major fail. The whole hiding away with some random strangers was boring and drawn-out for my taste, but I let it slide. Of course, Eugenie had to bring it to new heights and leave her preemies there. How sad. I figured, Ok, she's gonna head to the Otherworld, handle her business, and get back to these babies ASAP, right? Not so. I get that the blight handling took time. I don't fault her for that, but how about after? Are you telling me that you have SUCH concern for those stupid cherry trees that you can't be bothered to run through the first gate you find and hop on the first direct flight to Alabama for your NEWBORN CHILDREN? Where is Eugenie's growth? Is there not meant to be any? Did Mead really start this series with the intention to write a heroine that never progresses, but rather consistently regresses? THAT'S WACK. Sooo, Eugenie, now that your children are nearly 3 MONTHS OLD and you've communed with every cherry tree and cacti on your lands for hours at a time for days (or was it weeks?), are you gonna rush to your baby's sides? No. You're gonna go to Tucson and shop for baby items and clothes and sit around at coffee shops. Those frikkin' babies can wait! At this point, I feel my brain struggling to process it all. All the good feelings I had throughout the book are dissipating and I'm thinking, "Where is this going in the last few pages?" My concern and one that caused me major anxiety was that there wouldn't be a Dorian-twins reunion, but Mead wouldn't do that to us, would she? Not after VA and all our gripes about a certain missing reunion in the end. But yeah, she does it to us - AGAIN. Not only is there no reunion, but Eugenie seriously walks away from those poor babies FOR GOOD and takes her slimy, grimy, heartless self right back to Dorian to keep sucking him dry of all the love he has and to lie to him for years to come. What a pig you are, Eugenie. Such trash you are.I know this paragraph is reading a little crazy, but I'm just livid and ranting. How dare you, Mead?! You couldn't leave us with a smile? It didn't all have to work out, but at least endeavor to leave your fans with a warm feeling or SOMETHING. Anything but anger and outrage. How could you write that ending? Aren't you a new mom? Wowzers and for shame.Sooo, should you read the last book in this series? I dunno. I enjoyed the book, sure, but it left me angry and deflated. I feel betrayed by one of my once-favorite authors. It doesn't hurt to cater to your fans a tiny bit, you know. At the very least, as an author, you shouldn't keep slapping your fans in the face with every series ender. Blah.