Love is Fear (Valerie Dearborn, #2)

Love is Fear (Valerie Dearborn, #2) - Caroline Hanson *Spoiler-free. Just a quickie review:And the plot thickens. (There goes my cliché quota for the month.) Well, this got better, no? Pro: While I’ll decline to comment on the author’s writing in the technical sense (I’m no pro), I found this book to be fantastically quote-worthy. It so often brought me to laughter and I cherish that in a book. Con: I thought the author resorted to carnal pleasures too often in this one, but there was enough character growth that it balanced out for me in the end. A few quick thoughts:Val - I still like you. I know you’re misunderstood. You’re just young, dumb, and full of – vigor.. Ha. Also, you should get your pebbles checked out. I'm not sure that what's happening there is kosher.Rachel – Mild Mayhap your fucked up self could cease to exist sometime soon? K, thanks.Jack – Mild Really? REALLY, Jack? Fuck you.Val's father aka what's-your-face - Good riddance. Amen.Lucas – I’m tired of your huge cock. Lastly, the ending was a cliffhanger and while I usually hate those, this one worked for me. It got me so amped for the next book, that when I think about it for too long, I get a little wild-eyed. Very excited about where this is heading.Was this quickie review good for you, too?