My Immortal

My Immortal - Tara Gilesbie I was hoping that this was going to be an awfully good read. By "awfully" I mean actually awful but good. I had hoped that I could rate it five stars and say it was really funny even though it was really bad. Nope. It's just bad. Let's not even talk about the writing, because obviously it's parody fan fiction. Way worse than the writing is the ridiculous humor. This wasn't funny at all. I may have chuckled twice the entire time. Not nearly enough to make up for how ridiculous and asinine the story is.In conclusion, don't believe those that say it's funny. It's not. It's super corny and not in a funny way. It's garbage and not good enough for just lols. That's all I wanted. Lols. No lols to be had. Except for maybe how instead of saying Oh my God, they say Oh my Satan. It's only funny the first few times though and I just ruined it for you. I just did you a favor. For more of my reviews, visit my blog: