Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World #1)

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews **No spoilers.3 stars I was really excited to read this, because I lub the authors with every fiber of my soul, but I was disappointed. I had hoped to love this book, but ended up only liking it. I love all the characters. I love Andrea. I love Rafael. I love all the supporting characters. Love. All. Really. BUT, I can't help but compare Andrea to Kate. I just love Kate SOOO much. She's my favorite heroine evar and yes, she's in this book, but all that did was make me want more of her. Andrea is great in her own way, but Kate is a BOSS. Anywho, unfair though it may be, I compared the shit outta them. I felt like the whole book had an undertone of trying too hard to be badass. I always thought Andrea had a little badassery in her, but her petulance smothered it - that continued here. She has the makings of a badass bitch, but she fails to pull it off, because she allows her past experiences to define her actions now. Too bad. She just falls short for me. Rafael. Hmm. I've always been enamored of him, but he pissed me the fuck off in the beginning of this book. No, mofo, that behavior is unacceptable and while Andrea stood her ground at first, I thought she too willingly forgave him for the whole Moving In Without an Invitation Thing. I didn't like that a little sex smoothed everything over in that sitamation. Fuck that. Women of strong character don't let men off that easily. Despite that snafu, I thought the interactions between them were pretty funny. I know there is real love between them and they had to get it together at some point, so I let it go.  The plot... bored me to tears. I didn't care about whatever the fuck all of that was. I read it, but I skimmed a lot. I didn't care for the infodumps, either. I would have been happy with less of that and more of Andrea and Rafael. Or more of the Pack. Overall, it wasn't bad, but neither was it awesome. It was acceptable.More importantly, I can't WAIT for the next Kate book. P.S. - I'd love to read a short story featuring Roman. I could totally get down with that. P.P.S. - I still lub the Andrews and will devour every literary morsel they toss at me.