Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - **No spoilers!!JUNE 2013 reread: ★★★★★Just as good this time around. My taste has changed drastically in the last year and a half and yet, my initial impression of Shadow and Bone has held up. If I had to point out a negative that I didn't notice or mind the first time around, it'd be Alina's obsession with everyone's physical appearance. Specifically, her own low self-esteem. Despite this, I was just as invested in the story and the characters as I was a year ago. Bardugo is a great writer and it's a show of her skill that she can make you detest a character just as much as you love them. I can't wait for [b:Siege and Storm|14061955|Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2)|Leigh Bardugo||19699752]. Just one more day!! +_____+JULY 2012: ★★★★★Initial reaction after finishing book: I really don't want this to be over. Lawd, how long will the wait for the next book be and how will I sleep?Well. Okay then. Review. Yes. This is gonna be hard, because I’m awful at writing reviews for books I love. If you look at most of my “favorites” reviews, they’re all pretty bland across the board with a lot of ErMahGerd’s and other lackluster fangirl commentary. But, I’ll try:ErMahGerd, I love this book. It was like, really good and stuff. I’d rate the first 75% of the book 3.5 – 4 stars, because while it was entertaining, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. I was settled in for a nice, but predictable ride, but then… ErMahGerd. My whole world was turned upside down and shit got really real! See? I don’t know how I’m going to write a decent review. It doesn’t help that I was so engrossed that I didn’t take a single note. Although the first ¾ of the book wasn’t 5-star material, the last ¼ blew me away. Anytime a book causes me good anxiety, I’m hooked and this definitely caused me good anxiety. And tears. And pain. And why would you..? How could you? Yeah. I didn't see all of that coming and I was way too comfortable for this book's liking, so shit got really real. Curse you book and bless you as well.The MC, Alina, was likeable. She wasn’t “all-powerful”, but neither was she a stupid twit. She had her moments of not-so-bright, but I found them to be believable. If I placed my old teenaged self in her circumstances, I would have reacted in the same ways. Who wouldn’t want to indulge a bit if they were suddenly placed into a privileged life, especially if one is an orphan? New clothes, new room, food galore, a unique power to boot, a hot, sullen, super-powerful Darkling… I’m an old and gray 33 year old and even I started to fall for him, so why not her? =D Mayhap an older woman would better know that all that glitters isn’t gold, but she’s a teen girl after all and an orphan that was raised with nearly no guidance. I think she handled herself well, considering.I give Bardugo credit, because in comparison with many-a-teen-heroine, Alina was head and shoulders above many. I especially loved that when Alina would have a TSTL thought, she’d immediately chastise herself for having a TSTL thought, so I didn’t have to wish fervently for her death. So refreshing!I would not ever want to live in Alina’s world. I’d never feel at ease, unless I had a “superpower” to protect myself. I was unnerved by the myriad ways one could perish. I was also perturbed by the different “superpowers” of the Grisha. I found them to be creepy, but in an interesting way. I was a bit flustered at first with all the words and shit. It took a bit for me to acclimate, but then it all started making sense. I thought it was an interesting enough world, but I would have liked more background info. I felt a bit thrust into the thick of it, rather than eased in slowly, as I would have preferred. Hehe. Thrust. Hehe. Eased slowly. Yes, I’m a child.I don’t want to talk about any potential love interests in detail, because you should get to know any potential love interests on your own in this one. Just trust me.Geez. There’s not much else I can throw out there without spoiling, soooo back to fangirling. READ THIS BOOK!! It’s a fun, but dark read with a twist and that’s fun! And dark! And twisted! Cute boys! For more of my reviews, visit my blog: