Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning *No spoils.JANUARY 2011 ★★★★★OCTOBER 2012: ★★★★An average of 4.5 stars isn’t too shabby. =)This is the only book in the series that I liked a bit less the second time around. While it's still a great book, I found it excessively wordy this time around. Admittedly, I didn’t have this issue the first time I read it, most likely due to being starved for highly-anticipated answers. This time, I didn’t want answers so much as I wanted to get to the meat of the story.There is a lot of information in this book, but if it’s your first read, you’ll prob not mind. I’m sure that after having read the first 4 books, your head is swimming with all the possibilities. =D There are a couple of major bombs dropped and a few twists – none of which I can go into, but suffice to say that KMM’s mastery continues here.Lastly, you should know that this isn’t the last book in this series and so, there will be some ends left loose. This doesn’t mean it won’t end on a satisfying note – it will. Anybooger, fear not. There are 2 more books in the Fever series and Dani’s spin-off is days away. JOY.Barrons.. Til we meet again, you sexy animal. =(*whispers: I'm okay. I'm ok..My Fever reviews:Fever #1 - DarkfeverFever #1.4 - The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex SceneFever #2 - BloodfeverFever #3 - FaefeverFever #4 - DreamfeverDani #1 - Iced