Once Burned (Night Prince Series #1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost I'm done. Too stupid. Too generic. Too unlike the Vlad I'd come to know and lust. Too boring. Too plotless. Too immature. Too contrived. Too typical. Too bad, so sad. Laters, baby. My status updates, in accommodation of my laziness:- 9.0% "Unimpressed thus far. I'll give it until 25%, before I pull the plug. I'm tired of wasting precious hours on subpar books."- 15.0% "It's gotten better, so yaay. Also, the narrator's Draculaic Vlad voice makes me happy. It corresponds with my mental image of Vlad, which is nothing like the cover image."- 36.0% "Um, HUH?Wtf is going on here? Where's the plot? -_-My patience is wearing thin lately with the multitude of stupid books. If I'm not happy with this by 50% - DNF MOFO. That is more than fair."- 43.0%"WOW. This is bad. It reads like a ton of other generic PNR's. He's already "owns" her. Cue eyeroll. Don't think I'm gonna make it to 50%.."For more of my reviews, visit my blog: