Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee **No spoilers.WOW. Just wow.. What a fantastic read. I have half a mind to reread it immediately. This is a definite departure from the typical angel book mold as well as from the typical YA book. This book isn’t about fluffy angels and silly high school girls. It’s gritty and holds no punches. It made me laugh as often as it made me cringe. At one point, I had to put it down with a litany of WTF’s?! It threw me for a loop more often than not and I mean that in the most complimentary way. I love Penryn. She’s not perfect by any means, but she reminds me of my 17yr old little sister. Ya see, my sister is about 5’3 and lean. She’s also a bit mousy and shy. If you didn’t know her like I do, you’d think she was “easy pickins”, but I dare anyone to attempt even slight play-fighting – she’s a beast. So much as a tickle attack puts my skinny little sister into a survival mode that will leave you bruised and shredded. She’s not all-powerful. She's not fearless. Hell, she doesn’t even use her common sense a lot of the time, but she has heart and by God, she’s not going down without a fight. She's also not one to bow down or cower. That’s how I see Penryn. While I can’t wait to see Penryn grow, I thought her character was well written and a far cry from the stupid little girls I often see in YA novels. She’s calculated and savvy. She knows when to shut down or mute her emotions and keep her priorities straight. In dystopia, that’s paramount. I found Raffe to be hilarious and endearing, though I had a hard time seeing him as more than just a regular guy. I will say that I want more of him. He was so closed off and while I know that’s part of the story, I’m impatient. I just want more and I’m excited to see where his story is going, as it ended so tensely. I applaud Ee for giving us something so fresh and raw. You can expect to run the gamut of emotions with this one. Now for the long wait until the next book… =/