The Prey (Hunt Trilogy)

The Prey - Andrew Fukuda *Spoilers for this book clearly marked. Slightly spoilery for book 1.First thing's first - WTF is that stoopit cover? -_-Brace yourselves, because you still get this:in Fukuda’s The Prey, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. In [b:The Hunt|10913887|The Hunt (The Hunt, #1)|Andrew Fukuda||15830154], we were mercilessly tormented by vicious hungry vamps. In this book, I was left hungry for more vicious vamps.This book started off strong. Fukuda dived right into the action with a heart-pounding scene right off the bat. It went along that way for a bit, but a quarter of the way in it all went to shit. For the next two quarters, we’re treated to a boring, predictable, and generic blah-fest. I felt like I’d read this before and I have – in numerous other lackluster dystopian books. The old ”Evil men/elders brainwash and take advantage (sexual and otherwise) of impressionable young girls and send the big bad boys away, because surely only the boys are or will be smart/strong enough to fight back” trope is just that – OLD. And TIRED. STOP IT. It’s infuriating. During this boring time, we’re also treated to a bunch of angst and crap. I can’t tell you how many times our band of fools debated who would go or not go or go first or go together or go alone or go as a team or blah blah blah. “I’ll do it.” “No, I will.” “No, I should do it. No, you’re too speshul.” “You’re speshul, too. Ima do it.” “We’ll do it together!” “No! I need to do this. This is how it’s meant to be!”