Red Fox (An Experiment in Terror)

Red Fox - Karina Halle At least I finished it.2.5 Stars.I started Red Fox back in November and didn’t love it. I put it on hold for 3 months and decided to pick it back up so I could move on to the rest of the series, because I hear it’s great and I really enjoyed the first book, Darkhouse. This one just wasn’t for me.I didn’t like the setting, the storyline, or the supporting characters. The villain was painfully obvious from very early on and that’s frikkin’ annoying. I’d have more gripes, if I could remember anything that I read back in November, but it was all forgettable. I just remember the obvious villain doing a lot of obvious ominous thangs. Blah.Halle is a decent writer, but as I said, this book didn’t work for me. Many fans of the series love it and I have a few GR friends that say this is their favorite in the lot, so don’t let me deter you. Perry and Dex are wonderful, complex characters and I really like them. This book just didn’t do them justice in my eyes.For more of my reviews, visit my blog: