Unveiled - He’d known he wanted her in his bed. But he was beginning to realize that he wanted more. He wanted to rid her of those lines around her eyes. He wanted to soothe the clench of her fists. He wanted to draw her to him, as gently as he could. And once he had her there…FFS. You've known her for a few days and from the moment you've met, she's treated you like dirt. Grow some balls and chest hair, ya big dummy. Sorry to shit on your rec, Ang, but no. Cannot do. There's an underlying spy story here that could be so very interesting. I would love to continue and see how it ends, but the lust between the MC's takes center stage at least for as far as I got, which was 34%. So no.She stares at his lips. He sneaks touches upon her unwilling wrist with the help of his creepy brother. (That mofo is creepy. I don't care what anybody says. I'm not buying that nice guy act.) She breathes deeply and ponders how they could ever be, because she hates him, but oh the feels he makes her feel in her woman parts and shit. He, in turn, verbally claims her the second he lays eyes on her. And I mean instantly. So touching. I'll have that one. The one with the big gazungas.Beautiful love story, this one. Anywho, I was more into the historical and less into the romance, so while I wanted to try something different, this wasn't it. I surmise that if you're into bosoms that heave and shit, you'll like this one. ***Angela, we're through until further notice, at which point we will not be through anymore. Before reading: Look at me again. Traipsing all over the outside of the box. If I hate it, I'm coming for you, Ang. Oh and we'll be through. For more of my reviews, visit my blog: