Grimspace (Sirantha Jax Series #1)

Grimspace - Ann Aguirre **No spoilers or rehash.I LOOOOVED THIS BOOK.This book was full of fun, hilarity, action, & romance. From the first word, it was non-stop. I’m a huge Firefly fan and this brought me right back to that, but in no way is it a knockoff. This book is gritty and no holds barred. I’m a Lois McMaster Bujold fan and have been for some time, but it’s been a long while since I picked up a sci-fi book. Grimspace was a sort of coming home for me - a few chapters in and I was all “ahhhhh”. Like slipping into a warm bath – replete with assassins, bounty hunters, spaceships, aliens, and molecular displacers. FUN. Sirantha is my kind of heroine. She reminds me of Kate Daniels and I so love Kate Daniels. Sirantha is similarly snarky in her comments and inner dialogue, but likeable. She’s cutthroat, but has a heart of gold – even though she doesn’t always think so. She’s definitely the type to act first and ask questions later, but she’s smart and savvy. She’s flawed and she makes her mistakes, but they’re believable, unlike so many other “flawed” heroines that authors try so lamely to write. Sirantha makes a few bad choices and while you want to shake her, you can simultaneously understand where she’s coming from. She realizes that she doesn’t really know herself and lucky for us, we get to join in on her quest to find herself. I’m loving and rooting for her. Aside from a kickass heroine, there is a plot. An actual, real plot and it doesn’t suck. I found myself feeling anxious and on the edge of my seat throughout the book. While there are slower parts that allow you to take a breather from the action, there’s a lot going on and I found myself dying to get back to reading after every break. Great book and I’m super-excited to see where all of this is heading.